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Top 10 Picnic Basket of 2020

Are you looking for the right picnic basket that suits your needs?

You are delighted to know that our Top 10 Picnic Basket Of 2020 list is for you.

We know that buying the best basket for your picnic is overwhelming.

In this regard, our team has selected the top baskets on offer and at an affordable price. 

While on a sunny day, and the weather becomes warm, we all think it’s time for a picnic.

And the baskets come out from the winter storage.

The picnic is complete with chicken soup, salad, fruits, crackers, and burgers with lovely white wine and beer.

Especially, The New year is the best time for family or couples’ romantic picnic to enjoy the new year’s holidays.  

You can gather everything in reusable grocery bags for a grand picnic and pull along a massive cooler box for chilled food and drinks.

But why bother that much when you can put all of the required essentials in a stylish cool basket.

Thats the reason we assembled the list of best baskets for a picnic, that will fulfill all of your picnicking needs. 

So, without wasting any time, let’s look over the top 10 picnic baskets of 2020.

Picnic Baskets

  1. Piccadilly Willow Picnic Basket Picnic Time Buy Now
  2. Heart Willow Picnic Basket with Deluxe Service for Two Buy Now
  3. Picnic Ascot Patented Collapsible Insulated Picnic Basket Buy Now
  4. Ascot Patented Collapsible Insulated Picnic Basket Buy Now
  5. Picnic at Ascot Original Insulated Picnic Cooler Buy Now
  6. Natural Gear Upgraded XL Picnic Basket for two persons But Now
  7. Picnic at Ascot Original Insulated Picnic Cooler Buy Now
  8. Ascot Surrey Willow Picnic Basket Buy Now
  9. Ascot Original Dorset English-Style Willow Picnic Basket Buy Now.
  10. Picnic at Ascot Sussex Willow Picnic Basket Buy Now

1.Piccadilly Willow Picnic Time Basket 

Piccadilly best picnic basket

Piccadilly willow picnic Basket is a serving set for two People.

Suitable for a romantic outing and ideal for gift.

Also, having all the specification of a good picnic basket.

Similarly, the generous size is best for prolonged use.

Then come to the features, having everything for a satisfactory dining service for two, such as stainless-steel mugs with double walls, wine glasses, stainless steel utensils, porcelain plates, cups, napkins, and cutting board.

As well as a butter knife, cutting board, bottle stoppers, cooler bags, wine duffels, bottle stoppers, vacuum bags, little blankets, spilled proof salt and paper shaker, a corkscrew, and two food containers.

The blanket is held inside the basket with a leather strip to fix it under the basket.

If it damages for any reason, then picnic times offers a special deal.

They offer a lifetime pledge to replace or repair, if it got defective for any reason. Piccadilly Willow comes with a lifetime warranty; manufacturers and experts generated its design with genuine willow.

A finely hand-crafted basket with traditional style can be a good gift also.

Check price below

Available on Amazon stores


  • Stylish and sturdy
  • Unique lid with all the tool
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Quite expensive
  • Large in size

2.Heart Willow Deluxe Picnic Basket

heart willow best picnic basket

The heart-shaped willow basket is ideal for couples. It is 17.7 inches wide and 10 inches in height, providing a lot of room for picnic dishes.

Then comes to its features; the sturdy oven with matching lines completely lined interiors looks gorgeous. It includes premium quality porcelain plates, stainless steel flatware, cheese, and wine accessories.

Furthermore, the folding woven handle with interior leather strips keeps the accessories fixed. Its matching cotton linings with table cloth make it a worthful brand at an affordable price.

Picnic Time offers a lifetime warranty with Pledge to replace and repair if it got defective.

We recommend this brand to spend quality time at a picnic with your beloved one.

Whether for an anniversary, a wedding, or a friend’s birthday, the Piccadilly pinky promises to please. And it can be an ideal gift for anyone.

Check price below

Available on Amazon stores


  • Rattan tan and wicker material are durable.
  • Heart-shaped elegant design
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not for a family picnic
  • Only for couples

3. Ascot Patented Collapsible Insulated Picnic Basket 

ascot patented best picnic basket

If you are wondering about getting a durable and comfortable handled basket for a picnic, we recommend Picnic Ascot Patented Collapsible Insulated Basket. It’s an excellent choice for any picnic occasion.

Besides, the main trademarks of this basket are not made up of tradigital basket wicker. 

Furthermore, the complete insulated zipped shut basket, aluminum frame, heavy polyester canvas fabrics with padded handles make customers’ best choice. It carries more than 60 pounds of food and drinks; more than a typical picnic basket. 

When we talk about its accessories, plates, napkins, acrylic glass wines, and stainless-steel cutlery, its four sets of stainless-steel cutleries, matching napkins with flatware, helps to keep it apart from the competition. 

Then come to its folding feature, it folds flat when you are done eating and it’s durable and roomy.

You can fit anything inside it because of its foldable size.

check price below

You can buy Picnic Ascot Collapsible Picnic Basket from Amazon


  • Elegant design
  • Easy to handle
  • Comfortable to carry


  • A bit smaller than the whole family
  • Only four people

4.Natural Gear Upgraded XL Picnic Basket 

picnic time country best picnic basket

If you are wondering about getting a basket with minimal assembly, go for Natural Gear upgraded XL basket for a picnic.

It comes with luxurious temperature control features with custom insulating lining.

It can maintain the temperature of your favorite food, fresh fruits, beverages, and tasty dessert.

You can find its fantastic features for outdoor activities.

With essentials including, matching napkins, bottle openers with wine glasses.

The wicker construction is highly durable with an elegant design. Moreover, the four sets of dinner wear, flat wear, ceramic plates, and four silverware sets make it ideal for a family picnic.

This basket has more than enough room for vegetables, fruits, fish, and drinks—furthermore, ideal for transporting liquids that should remain cool.

Buy Natural Gear upgraded XL basket for a picnic from Amazon. Stores, available


  • Insulation properties
  • Light in weight
  • Maximum capacity


  • Non-fragile

5.Ascot Original Insulated Picnic Cooler Basket:


If you are looking for an affordable picnic cooler, the Ascot cooler has all of the qualities to be the ideal one.

Suitable for four people, especially family day out.

Furthermore, Ascot’s original cooler is moderately priced but comes fully stocked, providing a glamorous picnic experience at the beach.

Then comes to features; removable wheels make this a manageable option, easy to handle even when packed with foods and drinks.

it Contains a white-colored section for drinks and wines. 

The glass comprises area is removable for additional room.

Furthermore, the accessories include four wine classes, four sets of flatware, cotton napkins, melamine plates, and a cheese knife.

The wheeled cart has a retractable handle that’s adjustable up to 40 inches and is easy to remove when not needed.

Picnic cooler has leak-proof cooling compartments for drinks, maintaining their temperature.

Its design consists of 600 denier polyester canvas for prolonged use.Could be a great present at the wedding, Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries. 

check price below

Picnic Ascot Original Insulated Cooler for beach party from Amazon


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Leak-proof special containers
  • Adjustable shoulder straps


  • Nonfragile

6.Ascot Surrey Willow Basket 


Picnic at Ascot offers this incredible Surrey Willow Picnic Basket in brown Wacker color.

Almost 8.4 pounds in weights seems lighted, having much room for four people.

Suitable for a family gathering.

Plus, its features including a coffee set and blue colored four napkins. A convenient carrying handle with a traditional basket shape makes it perfect for use. 

Plus, it comes with Blue cotton napkins, Stainless steel flatware corkscrew, and melamine plates.

Ascot Surrey Willow Picnic Basket Contains stainless steel Coffee flask with elegant mugs.

The food cooling option maintains the temperature of drinks and delicious dishes.

Everything packed neatly by the company can be an ideal gift for marriage and charismas events.

check price below

You Can buy Ascot Surry Willow Picnic Basket from Amazon Stores, available at 129.00$.


  • Highly durable
  • Handmade or crafted
  • Premium Accessories


  • A little bit Heavy

7.Picnic Time Country with liner design Basket 


We loved its navy and white lining cotton fabric wrapped over the basket; looks elegant.

The cotton fabric is washable and easy to remove. Its attached lid spilled quickly, having a dual entry. 

The wooden cover provides a leveled surface for food and drink.

Easy to grip carrying handles, provides maximum portability while traveling with family. 

The company offers a lifetime warranty and repair and replace option if it gets damaged.

Fourteen-inch height of picnic time country provides plenty of room for sandwiches, cold drinks, and delicious picnic food.

Time country picnic basket having a complete traditional look ideal for outdoor activities.

check price below

You can Buy Picnic Time Country Liner Design Picnic Basket from Amazon stores, available at 46$.


  • Traditional style
  • Dual nature lid


  • No Accessories are available.

8.Time Corsica Insulated Wine Basket for picnic

time corsica best picnic basket

You often don’t need a large basket for a picnic, especially with Collogues, because your outdoor dining plans are so simple, like wine, music, and a beautiful view. If this is your picnic-style, and wondering about getting such type of basket.

Then Time Corsica Insulated Wine picnic basket is for you.

This wicker basket is having polyester pockets for two wine bottles.

Its accessories including, Steel less stain corkscrew, cheese knife, cutting board, and wine glass set.

Adjustable straps of the Corsica picnic basket make it easy to wear and handle.

It’s an ideal gift for a friend, loves to attend outdoor musical concerts, drinking wine, and enjoying the view.

You can also gift it to your friends at the wedding, filled it with wine for extra fun.

Ideal for those who like to plan little outings with friends and colleagues. 

check price below

Buy Time Corsica Insulated wine Picnic Basket from Amazon, Available at 68.95$.


  • Ideal for gift
  • Light in weight
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • non-fragile

9.Ascot Original Dorset English-Style Willow Picnic Basket 


Ascot’s original picnic basket is crafted by woven willow with black and white plaid lining.

A suitcase-style handle making it more convenient for use. Its qualified accessories include, stainless-steel flatware, salt, and paper shakers, a set of knives, ceramics plates, cotton napkins, a rigid cutting board, a fleece blanket, and an insulating cooler. 

This picnic basket is an excellent choice if you prefer porcelain and ceramic dishes over plastic plates.

Most of the dishware’s attached to the lid with chic leather strips, so there is plenty of room for holding food and drinks. 

This product could be a surprising gift for friends and family. An ideal gift for a wedding, birth parties, charismas, and engagements events.

check price below

Buy Ascot Dorset English Style willow picnic basket from Amazon available for 179.5$. 


  • Large in size
  • Plenty of room for dishes
  • Elegant design


  • Suitable for family

10.Picnic at Ascot Sussex Willow Picnic Basket


Whether you invite a whole family to a musical night, invites your friend to the park, or wanted to treat a special one to a sunset picnic on a hilltop, the Ascot Sussex is an ideal choice to pull off picnic food. 

It includes premium quality porcelain plates, stainless steel flatware, cheese, and wine accessories.

The folding woven handle with interior leather strips keeps the accessories fixed.

This basket has a finely woven exterior, crafted by portable willow with a cream-colored canvas interior.

This basket is a great gift for Wedding, Anniversary, Retirement,  and Christmas events. 

check price below

Buy Picnic Ascot Sussex Willow Picnic Basket from Amazon, available at 114.5$ only.


  • Ideal gift
  • Light in Weight


  • Large in size

Things to consider

The ideality of a picnic basket depends upon how your intend to use it.

pPicnic time represents freedom and hope.

Moreover, the traditional picnic basket does not contain any additional assists like insulating layers or extra compartments. in contrast, the modern baskets having classic looks, woven exteriors with insulating coolers.

Modernism keeps the traditional eyes of baskets with a new layer for more functionality and convenience.

You know all the styles and types of picnic baskets available in 2020, let have a look at the features to consider while purchasing them.


The cost of picnic baskets ranges from typical too expensive.

Keep in mind the cheap baskets have fewer features with average design; in contrast, the costly brand has luxurious looks and is packed with features.

Carrying Option:

Traditional picnic baskets have only one hand build handle and best for short distance traveling, Although shoulder toes are joint in lunch toes, ideal for slightly longer length looks stylish. You can wear it like a purpose and Time Corsica Insulated Wine Picnic Basket is a perfect match in this regard.

Back strips are another coinvent option lots of picnic baskets available in this type, ideal for long excursions, as it distributes the weight. 


Baskets for a picnic are meant to categorize by how many people they are intended to serve.

Accordingly, if you need a romantic picnic, then two-person picnic baskets are suitable for you.

Wondering to purchase a family picnic basket, then go for 4 and 6 people serving basket.


We have already covered the top 10 baskets with their pros and cons in the previous discussion.

But it’s the main thing you need to consider while purchasing a picnic basket. If you need to sacrifice some features and your after the look to get the exact style you desire.


Durable material must be your key concern while purchasing a basket for a picnic.

But you will see different materials in the same basket. Like some of the breeze, as mentioned above, baskets are made of willow and cotton.

Willow is the iconic material for its pliability and bends around the corners.

We are making it an ideal choice for picnic baskets. Furthermore, Rattan material is hard used in the handles of baskets, tough and durable.

Polyester canvas is not traditional like wood but more convenient for its elastic properties.

Compartments and Insulation:

It’s the ideal factor to concern, traveling for long periods will necessitate insulation keeping the perishables from food and drinks.

Fortunately, Various modern baskets have built-in insulation.


Deluxe picnic baskets, usually featured with more items made with higher quality materials, will have few to none despite the basic models.

We have already discussed the list of accessories; the picnic baskets have.

Final Verdict

When searching through the hundreds of compelling brands of the market, you commonly notice some brand names again and again. They are the best making brands for picnic baskets. Picnic times, picnic as Ascot, and Picnic Plus are selling the best picnic baskets with various styles.

Hoping that our encompassing guideline with a top basket list will provide you everything you need to know while buying a party basket. Now it’s time to buy, enjoy the best new year freedom party.

Close your eyes, imagine a picnic basket, decide carefully, and find what you want with confidence.

Good Luck! 

Best picnic baskets of 2020

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