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The Best Smart Cooler Boxes and Lunch Boxes in 2020

The 7 Best smart Cooler Boxes and Lunch Boxes in 2020

Keeping your food and drinks cold can be a difficult task when you are not at home.

Without your trustworthy fridge to help you out, you need an alternative that can replace it.

Cooler boxes will help you keep your food and drinks cold, keeping it available for you whenever you are ready for it.

And lunch boxes can be one of the best alternatives to a brown paper bag. But the problem is, you can’t seem to make the right choice.

You keep surfing the web, reading different cooler boxes reviews but you just can’t seem to decide what to go with.

Well, today, I’m bringing to you 7 of the best cooler boxes and lunch boxes. With this list, all you have to do is choose one of them and you are ready for your next trip without the risk of your drinks getting warm.

Let’s dive in!



Thermos 32L Basic Passive Cooler Box

thermos smart cool box

One of the most popular and original brand, this cooler box is exceptional!

Two different sizes are available, which are the 28L and 32L.

The 32L is preferable as it comes with larger space which can contain as many items as you want to add.

The handle can become a little tricky if you fill the cooler with heavy items, depending on how much weight it is. Since it is a passive cooler, getting some ice packs will help keep the temperature down completely, especially if you are taking it somewhere hot.

And with some extra freezer packs, your drinks will forever remain cold!

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Campos Cooler Box

campos smart cooler

A unique and affordable cool box from Argos, the Campos cool box is a perfect choice for picnics or camping trips.

With the capacity of 16L, you can easily fill in as many cans or bottles of drinks as you wish with room left for ice packs.

With an excellent lock seal and some couple of ice packs, the Campos cool box can keep your items cold for as long as two days or even more without getting warm!

If you love the outdoors and tend to go out a lot for picnics and camping trips, the Campos cool box is the perfect choice for you.

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Coleman Xtreme 47L Wheeled Passive Cooler Box

coleman smart cooler

Another cooler that is perfect for picnic or camping trips, the Coleman cooler box is big enough to contain everything you need to carry and it can stay cool for as long as you want, up to 5 days!

The 50QT model also comes with wheels that you can easily use to roll the box around if you find it too heavy to carry.

With proper care and time being put into the manufacture of this cooler box, it is perfect for all your needs.

There are also extra air layers to help keep the heat out and even the shape has been perfected, bringing to you the best cool experience possible.

Overall, with its large size and long cool time, this cooler box is perfect for you if you are planning on going for that next trip soon.

Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler

igloo marine cooler

With UV protection, waterproof casing, and corrosion-resistant steel, the Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler is one of the best insulating kits, built specifically for anyone looking for a quality cooler to keep their drinks completely cold for as long as possible.

The cooler can stay chill for as long as three days even if it is open repeatedly. The box is strong, even enough for you to sit on, and at the bottom, there’s a secure plug for draining melted ice.

If empty, the Igloo Marine Ultra cooler can be carried around easily, but if you are looking for a cooler box you can easily carry to a campsite with drinks and food in it, you shouldn’t consider this cooler box.

The Igloo is perfect for you if you are looking to keep your food and drink chilled for as long as possible without it getting warm.

Coleman 6 Can Personal Cool box

coleman 6 person cooler

Compared to the other cooler boxes mentioned, this cooler box is much smaller, making it easy to carry and giving you the perfect size if you are looking for a cooler box you can use for a small gathering or picnic.

The lid is reversible so you can flip it around and easily use it as a tray, which is awesome, as you can easily use it to hold your drink or food while you eat it. At 5L, this cooler box is smaller than the others but is perfect for small trips or outings.

If you are someone who loves going out for fishing, this cooler box is the right choice for you!


Bento Lunch Box

bento lunch box

Available in different colors and with different segments, this lunch box is great for your kids! They can easily get a taste of everything with various lunch and snack portions available in the box.

And with only one latch, the box can easily be opened by little hands which is ideal for your kids. If you are searching for the best option, this lunch box is worth a try!

Fast Flames Set Go Green Lunch cooler Box

fast flames go green lunch box

Looking for an ultimate lunch box starter kit with everything your kid will need?

Then Fast flames are the perfect kit for you!

It comes with a lunch bag, food box, reusable ice pack, water bottle, and even a mini whiteboard so you can easily leave your kid a note each day. And the best part, it comes in different patterns too!

All you have to do is choose the right one that you are sure your kid will love and you are good to go!

With this complete review of different cooler boxes and lunch boxes, your stress level will reduce dramatically.

You won’t have to worry about the right cooler box for your next picnic or the best lunch box for your kid.

This will serve as a guide for you so you can easily choose the perfect one without wasting much time!

So anytime you are ready to go for your next camping trip and you need a cooler box, don’t forget to check our guide that was written just for you!

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